About Us

Philosophy & Values

Dogs beloved our philosophy of life

Thus we began to envision a great dream, Our Labrador Club Italiano with a safe picnic area and a team of caretakers so that the furry ones feel at home.

Life taught us that the best moments are given to you by those who least imagine it, so our lives took a 360° turn when we decided to adopt two beautiful homeless fur; we were filled with hair, dog toys, snacks, complaints in the administration and chewed furniture, in a matter of days became the center of our family, frica and Juca filled us with much happiness and infinite and unconditional love.

Without thinking any more, we changed everything for their welfare, we went from being totally urban to a great country life and in a short time our family expanded to two more canine members, and in turn our friends and family entrusted us with the care of their hairy children for seasons.

After many learnings, courses, studies and a great project of life and family, that beautiful dream is a reality, the Labrador Club Italiano today provides a space like home, where dogs have fun and their families are calm about their care.


Every month we have a different experience for the families and their dogs, these allow us to unite and remind them of the special thing of our bond with their pets, each one of them promotes the mental and physical well-being of the furry ones.

None of the activities have an obligatory monetary cost for our clients, they are a benefit of belonging to our Great Canine Family and we do them with the heart.

Afternoons of Snacks and Prizes

Some afternoons of ice cream, cookies, bones and special dishes for dogs.

Sports Activities

Playing with the hairy is a vital part of our affective relationship with them, playing football, frisbee, ribbons, balls, canine Olympics, amateur canicross and hiking are a success and strengthen our relationship.

Contests / Events

Creativity unites families, prizes to the best super mom perruna, best dog dad ever, the mundialist cock VIP or Halloween dog fest, bring out the best of our dog parents, moms and grandparents and unite us even more as a club.

Social Commitment

It is very important to share our blessings, so we have two activities that allow us to heartily help children and dogs in vulnerable situations.

Business Agreements

We have business agreements with employee funds in the city of Bogota, its affiliates enjoy promotions and preferential rates for their pets, if you belong to one, consult with your service advisor and contact us.

Outdoor Encounter

By invitation some of our families belonging to the Club, donate their love and share mid-morning with their hairy and the children of the foundation. We donate the refreshments and the logistics of the activity, it is a very happy day for us.