Buying Accessories for Your Dog

Pet dog devices been available in many different forms, sizes and shapes as well as they’re used for various objectives. Some accessories make looking after your animal much easier, some help to maintain him comfortable and others are developed just for fun. Despite what type of device you get, it is essential to place safetyRead More


Labrador: care and maintenance

The appearance of a labrador retriever in the house means an indescribable joy for its owners, but we must not forget about the responsibility that has arisen. Before you buy a puppy, you should at least check your puppy’s vaccinations and current diet. If this is your first time dealing with a dog, it’s bestRead More


Problems with dogs’ appetite

Animal appetite is affected by many factors. Dogs have saturation and starvation centers in their brains. They are the ones that determine the attitude of pets to food. Malnutrition and greediness are equally dangerous for pets. They lead to many diseases. What do you need to know to keep your pet healthy? Reasons for overeatingRead More


Feeding Puppies

Dog delivery doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d like it to. Females may refuse to feed puppies, may not feed them due to lack of milk, or may even die. Duties fall on the owner. What to prepare for? Up to 2 weeks It is advisable to use your mother’s nipples for milk toRead More